Improve your students’ interview skills

The Interview

How To Make The Most Out Of It

A DVD resource for years 10, 11 and 12

Prepare your students for…

Work Experience placement
Part-time job
Full-time job
University application

Sharpen up your students’ presentation skills using these seven short films. Designed to encourage critical self-assessment to build students confidence for the full range of interviews they are likely to face.

Issues Covered

* Self-presentation
* Being prepared
* Questions to ask
* Rights at work
* Avoiding pitfalls
* Dealing with the unethical interviewer

All seven films come with linked briefings and background information for students and co-ordinators, printable off the DVD and provide a wealth of advice and suggestions for preparing students for interviews.

The students presented are drawn from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds.

“If in your job you have anything to do with preparing students for interviews, then buy this DVD.”

Teaching Citizenship

The DVD includes

7 Separate Films indexed for immediate access
20 Linked Briefing sheets with clear advice and tips

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