Can teachers use classic games to improve children’s numeracy skills?

The Scrabble board game has been transformed into a number’s game called ‘Numenko’ where the letters are now numbers.

Now sums, strategy and solutions are the objects of the game. Numenko has been used with children by parents and teachers alike.

It allows children to practice using their number skills in a fun way. The game naturally differentiates between abilities because the children choose their next ‘call’.

We have put together a wonderful package for Maths departments to use a combination of ways to encourage and excite children about Maths. Card games that use colour and shapes like Symbotica to number tiles used in Numenko board game and the Numenko-in-a-bag version too.

We have also included packs of Top Careers in Maths pack that bring a greater awareness of maths careers. If you would like to obtain your Departmental Package please have a look through our site for further information.

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