FREE IT Disposal and Recycling Service

We offer the following FREE services:

  • Professional solutions for the removal and recycling of redundant, surplus and excess IT equipment
  • Fast collection service
  • Our services are available to everyone; schools, universities, libraries, businesses and local government
  • Environmentally friendly licensed disposal
  • All drivers are CRB checked for your peace of mind

FREE Nationwide Collection Service

  • We remove surplus, redundant, excess and end of line IT equipment and associated peripherals,
  • Free of charge nationwide*!
  • Items that can be recycled include:We perform all collections under licence from the Environment Agency.
    • Desktop personal computers
    • Portable and notebook computers
    • Keyboards
    • Mice
    • Modems
    • Monitors
    • Servers
    • networking equipment (Hubs, fire walls, routers etc.)
    • Printers including lasers, inkjet & photocopiers

FREE Data Destruction Certificates

  • We operate to a very strict code of conduct concerning the destruction of personal, private and sensitivedata. Simply deleting data or reformatting a hard disk drive does not remove the data – it can be retrieved!
  • We destroy all residual data on redundant media to DOD 5220.22-M standards, thus ensuring full compliance with the Data Protection Act. The process involves multiple overwriting a specific and complicated pattern of controlled data to the media up to fifteen times. This process is slow but it works,
  • data is eradicated FOREVER!
  • Non-Working hard disk drives along with hard disk drives that cannot be successfully overwritten are physically destroyed before being recycled.
  • We then provide you with free certification as evidence of this process for your records.

FREE Phone Number

We even pay for your call – call us now on

0800 840 9195

Please visit our website at for further details of the free IT disposal and recycling service we offer.


*excludes Northern Ireland, conditions apply. Free nationwide collection service is conditional and requires a minimum of 30 qualifying items. Qualifying items are as follows:
PC base units, CRT monitors TFT Monitors, Servers, Laptops, Server racks, Switches, Telecom Switches and Printers.

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