A house ideal for young teachers

OK, I know, on this site we don’t generally talk about houses for teachers, but I was a young teacher in the dim and distant and I know how difficult it was for me to find the right sort of accommodation.

Of course I made life difficult by teaching in the nation’s capital, but if by chance you are working in Northamptonshire, then there might be something that is right up your street.

It is a “Terrace Plus” house that is being worked on by the make-over firm Mandy Tobin Homes.  This company only does one make-over at a time and uses its own small team of workmen to do all the work.

What is special about this house is not just that it is reasonably priced, but that for a terrace house it is huge – because it has large rooms that have not been divided up and a big garden out the back.

The house is in Rushden, Northants, and is near to Wellingborough, Kettering, Corby and Northampton – plus the smaller towns such as Irthlingboro.

If you are interested, please do take a look at http://www.northantshomes.info/


How prepared are you when you come across a child with SEN?

The number of children who have special educational needs has increased hugely in recent years, and the wide variety of syndromes and conditions they experience, often as a result of developmental delays, can be daunting for both the parents and the staff who support them. This rise in cases is evidenced by Government findings that 21% of today’s pupils have Special Education Needs, nearly double the total for 1990. 10% of pupils with Special Education Needs have been given statements.

Many parents find it extremely difficult to manage their child’s behaviour or even understand the causes.

To help support staff and parents in Children’s Centres the details of 43 of the most common and equally most often misunderstood special needs are given in 2 books: A Guide to Syndromes and Conditions and A Guide to More Syndromes and Conditions. In each case the condition is defined in terms of the characteristics and symptoms and then details of strategies and treatments followed by details of other useful resources.

These books are available from www.behaviourmatters.com/syndromesoffer

Details of purchase for this photocopiable resource:


  • £25 plus £2 postage and packaging (if one book purchased)
  • £40 plus £4 postage and packaging (if two books purchased)

How many schools have sublimation printers, and what do they use them for?

In a survey we conducted last term, 41% of heads of Design & Technology who replied said that they had a sublimation printer. Around half the schools with sublimation printers used them for enterprise products (such as the production of mugs, mouse mats, etc) while 55% use them for fabrics and textiles.

The main reason for using the printers again and again was quite simply, the “wow” factor which arises when students see that the result is as good as something that one might buy in a shop.

Given that the overwhelming majority of D & T Departments which had sublimation printers were using them and were very happy with them, the question arises, why do the other half not have sublimation printers?

As one might expect, the main reason given is that of funding not being available. We’ve been working on this, and now have a sublimation package for just £495.

This specially priced package includes a Ricoh A4 printer and mug press, 4 x Sublijet prink ink cartridges in black, cyan, yellow and magenta, free-of-charge download of Power Driver software, 110 sheets of sublimation paper, 36 sublimation mugs and 2 x rolls of 16m heat tape.

Thus the cost is coming down as the quality of the printer’s output is rising, and with the addition of a flatbed press it is now possible to produce professional quality products such as clocks, jigsaws, coasters, bags and place mats from sheet material or pre-prepared blanks.

As a result, sublimation is ideal for all students, whatever their ability.

More details on our specially priced package can be found on our website.

Also, click here to see the list of consumables that can be used with our sublimation printers.

If you would like to know more about our sublimation printers, please do call us on 01223 893900.