Profit is a doddle. Isn’t it ?

Polly Peck and Ratners were widely used in the 1980’s as case studies on how a perfect business should be run, clearly as time has progressed this perhaps was not true.

There is no perfect way to run a business and lessons unfortunately are often learnt and understood the hard way – when something goes wrong.

In order that students might see how things can go wrong, and how they can go right, we’ve put together a great business exercise designed to put the theory of business studies into practice.

“Jot Pad” is suitable for KS4 and Sixth Form. Students are divided into teams who act as small businesses that produce Jot Pads.

Each team elects a management team who plan the task, cost out and project how many jot pads the production team can make, forecast profit margins and secure a signed contract with the buyer. They must negotiate pay and working conditions with the production team and buy all the resources to make the jot pads.

At the end of the exercise they calculate the actual profit made compared to the proposed profit calculated in the preparation stage. The production team agree the best production methods and actually produce the jot pads. Hard work, competitive – just like the real business world.

This resource contains teachers’ guidance notes explaining how to run the exercise, plus detailed time guidelines and a list of resources required.

Also included is the exercise brief that explains the task to the students, management team briefing notes and production team briefing notes.

A financial analysis worksheet is incorporated, along with a purchase contract and the final debrief questions

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