FRED presents Shakespeare’s most controversial, yet one of his most human, plays in a stripped down and boldly imaginative promenade experience.

From within the tumult of Venice’s markets emerges a young man who needs credit to pursue his love. Antonio offers help, but in turn needs to raise credit from a moneylender. A deal is struck with a fatal forfeit if Antonio’s investments fail. Love is won, but cargo lost. The moneylender comes to collect his pound of flesh, and with it revenge for years of abuse.

Performed against the stark interiors of @A.E. Harris in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, FRED’s production focuses on the play’s language and conflicts. It asks, is there hope for a better future?

This production is especially suitable for school parties. The text has been sensitively edited to reduce the overall running time to a little over two hours, and there are additional mid-week matinees which we hope will make it easier for school parties to attend. FRED also offers a range of supporting events and materials for schools; full details of these can be found on our web site.


FRED is committed to developing the theatre audiences of tomorrow, and is offering up to 20 free tickets to one school for the preview performance of The Merchant of Venice. Full details of this offer, together with information on how to apply, may be found on the schools’ support page of FRED’s web site.


FRED’s mission is summed up as CLASSIC DRAMA—CONTEMPORARY THEATRE. We are looking for ways for old plays to tell new stories, to re-engage with the classics in contemporary styles. And, to do all this while maintaining affordable ticket prices.


Dates: 9-13 October, 2012 at 7.30pm, matinees 10, 12 and 13 October at 2pm
Tickets: £12.60 (£8.40 concessions and groups)
Venue: @A.E. Harris, 110 Northwood Street, Birmingham, B3 1SZ

Booking for The Merchant of Venice is via our box office partner, the Crescent Theatre.
Telephone: 0121 643 5858, or online at

Please note, some tickets will be available on the day on the door, but we can only accept cash payment for these.


A world news newspaper for KS3 and KS4. And it is free for two months.

The chances are that for many young people today newspapers are either something that exist in other households but not their own or they are gossip columns with very little international news.

Which is why Newsademic exists – for it is an international newspaper written and edited for KS 3 and KS 4 students.

To date we have over 30,000 readers – which is why we know there is a demand for such a publication.

It is also why we are happy to offer a free two month subscription to the paper. We know that schools that see it, like it.

The publication supports the PSHE, History, Geography, Science, English and RE curricula though its focus is on international news events that shape and affect the world that we all live in today.

Newsademic carries no advertising. Neither does it feature articles about television, sport, computer games, pop music or celebrity culture.

The newspaper is distributed fortnightly as a PDF file by email or as a download. Although it can be read on screen it is designed to be printed out and read as a paper copy. An intranet licence allows all students to access an HTML searchable version of Newsademic via their school network. Two levels of activities, based on some of the featured articles, accompany each issue.

Annual subscription rates start at £24.00 and schools can photocopy any part of the newspaper as many times as they wish for use within their school.

To subscribe free of charge for two months please go to:

For more information visit