From the moment it cracks or breaks, what is the fastest and most cost effective way you can fix a window?

There are several things you probably want to do when a school window is broken, of which probably the most important is to quickly and safely fill the space where the glass used to be.

But there can be problems.  A question of finding the time and tools and having a temporary covering that doesn’t damage window frames. Something that doesn’t involve drilling, sawing or hammering, but which is fixed silently thus avoiding disruption to classes.

A replacement that doesn’t advertise the fact that a window has been broken.

If this solution also works brilliantly in PVC frames, keeps out the wind and rain, lets natural daylight in and can be put in place within a couple of minutes with no specialist skills, then better again.  In fact ideal.

However you might still have a question, such as “is it strong enough to protect the room until such time as the replacement glass can be installed?”  And here again the answer is a resounding yes.

For this material has 1/3 the tensile strength of steel with the highest BS security rating.

In fact it is so good and so quick to install, that many schools now use it to protect windows that are suffering from cracks and minor holes but really don’t need the expense of a completely new pane of glass, thereby preserving valuable resources.

It may sound to you as if some of these claims are almost too good to be true, but the fact is that Maxam175 Glass Repair Film is used to repair around half a million broken windows every year in towns and cities all across the UK, in buildings just like yours!

We invite you to see what it looks like in action, find out how others like you rate it, and read more about how quick it is to install without any tools or technical knowledge by clicking here.

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