Why quizzes are one of the most efficient ways of embodying learning,

… and how you can avoid having to write them

From childhood onwards the majority of people appear to enjoy quizzes – as long as they don’t come with the fear of being made to look foolish if one gets an answer wrong.

Which is rather handy since taking quizzes is a really good way of both gaining more knowledge and ensuring that knowledge already gained is not forgotten.

That in turn just leaves the problem of setting and marking the quizzes – which is exactly why Education Quizzes exists. To help children learn more facts and make them ever easier to recall when needed.

For the past two years we have worked with teachers across the UK to create over 3000 different tests in 18 different subject areas – and these are available free of charge for a limited period.

Each test is available online, so they are always simple to administer. Better still the children can see their mark at once, and see which questions they have answered wrongly.

You can have access to all our tests totally free of charge for one month, using the tests as often as you wish. And to make it really simple there is one login across the school for all the tests, so there are no complicated passwords to remember.

To find out more and have access to all our tests free of charge, please visit our website. You’ll be logged in and able to explore the tests within a couple of minutes.

If you have any questions please do email admin@educationquizzes.com or call 01406 371 799.

From the moment it cracks or breaks, what is the fastest and most cost effective way you can fix a window?

There are several things you probably want to do when a school window is broken, of which probably the most important is to quickly and safely fill the space where the glass used to be.

But there can be problems.  A question of finding the time and tools and having a temporary covering that doesn’t damage window frames. Something that doesn’t involve drilling, sawing or hammering, but which is fixed silently thus avoiding disruption to classes.

A replacement that doesn’t advertise the fact that a window has been broken.

If this solution also works brilliantly in PVC frames, keeps out the wind and rain, lets natural daylight in and can be put in place within a couple of minutes with no specialist skills, then better again.  In fact ideal.

However you might still have a question, such as “is it strong enough to protect the room until such time as the replacement glass can be installed?”  And here again the answer is a resounding yes.

For this material has 1/3 the tensile strength of steel with the highest BS security rating.

In fact it is so good and so quick to install, that many schools now use it to protect windows that are suffering from cracks and minor holes but really don’t need the expense of a completely new pane of glass, thereby preserving valuable resources.

It may sound to you as if some of these claims are almost too good to be true, but the fact is that Maxam175 Glass Repair Film is used to repair around half a million broken windows every year in towns and cities all across the UK, in buildings just like yours!

We invite you to see what it looks like in action, find out how others like you rate it, and read more about how quick it is to install without any tools or technical knowledge by clicking here.

And if you’d like a sample and brochure in the post or you have a specific question please email me on john.edwards@maxam.co.uk or call 0800 0922 923. I’d be delighted to help you further.

Make sure your school is at the front of the queue before the next term starts

The government is taking a number of steps to transform children’s mental health.  The details are planned to be finalised over the next few months.  When they are, there is expected to be a rush to train or recruit play therapy practitioners that meet the new requirements by being on a register accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.

You can take advantage, at very little cost, of the APAC/Leeds Beckett University placement scheme for trainees, which meets the requirements of the Register of Play and Creative Arts Therapists.  As the largest play therapy training organisation in the world we are currently training over 600 therapists.  During the Autumn term we expect to have 200 new trainees looking for a placement.

The scheme will provide 100 hours of therapy for your pupils at no cost for one year.  They will provide a complete service including briefing your teaching staff, assessments, parent interviews and communications as well regular activity and outcome reports meeting all professional and data protection requirements.

The only ‘costs’ to your school are the provision of a suitable room with equipment and materials (about £300) and a few hours of staff time for referral and review meetings

We have thirteen training venues throughout the UK so whilst we cannot guarantee that a placement will be available in your area, there’s a very good chance, especially if you apply now.

Of course, you can guarantee a trainee by funding a member of your staff.

Please contact me at mokijep@majemail.com for more information on placement and training opportunities.

Kind regards

Monika Jephcott – Chief Executive APAC and Play Therapy UK