It’s a combination of things. 

Children are typically very good at acting, not least because it is pivotal to make-believe play. Thus, combining drama with other subject areas, such as literacy, naturally leads to improved engagement and subsequent attainment.

 It is for this reason that we have developed the resource:

Teaching Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling through Drama

The 70 plus ready-to-use activities in the resource offer a new approach to teaching literacy and cover each of the rules that children are expected to know and use in the Year 6 SATs.

Through acting out parts of speech, letter strings, and punctuation children will internalise the language and absorb ideas, skills and understanding. They will be able to draw on this knowledge when they are being tested, but, more importantly, use it in their own writing.

What’s more, the combination of visual, aural, and kinaesthetic approaches means that the activities suit all types of learner and can be used with both large and small groups of mixed ages and abilities.

In addition to literacy understanding, pupils will also develop skills in problem solving, teamwork, and social confidence.

You can order Teaching Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling through Drama on our website for £18.50 as a printed book, £12.99 as an e-book, or both for a discounted price of £22.40.