An (almost) Free Play Therapy Service

If you are not already using a Play Therapist on a register accredited by the Professional Standards Authority you could use our placement service for 100 hours to find out how well play therapy will work in your school.

Play therapy not only helps pupils with emotional, behaviour and mental health issues, it reduces stress on teaching staff caused by disruptive or ‘difficult’ pupils.  It also improves their learning capabilities: better listening, better concentration, etc.

About 1700 primary schools are already using Play Therapy UK therapists to support pupils with emotional, behaviour and mental health issues.  Between 75% and 84% show a positive change.

Is there a snag?  It’s not money – all you need to do is provide a suitably equipped room, usually costing about £200.  The only other problem is availability.  We have about 300 trainees from 13 training centres in all parts of the UK this year.  So it depends upon one being available in your area.  But it’s worth applying – you’ve nothing to lose.

As an alternative, a good investment would be to fund a member of your staff to train as a Registered Certified Practitioner in Therapeutic Play Skills. You’ll recover the cost very quickly.

Email me personally at  for details of both opportunities.

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