Your students’ communication skills distinguish your school and are critical to their future.

But what is the most effective way to teach them?

Whether your students are positioning for university, corresponding, meeting with potential employers, speaking or debating… how good an impression they make will depend primarily on their communication skills. Their good impression also reflects favorably on your school.

Which raises the question, how can you help your students become superior communicators?

To stand out in today’s world, your students will need not just knowledge but also a broader vocabulary than most, an ability to express themselves clearly with just the right words, and the capability readily to explore relevant topics while focusing on the most salient points.

Following this understanding, over the past several years, we have been developing a solution which allows and indeed encourages students to expand both their vocabulary and the way in which they use the language.

As a result these students become better communicators and make a more positive impression on everyone with whom they come into contact.

And what’s more they can to do this not just in English but in 30 languages as well – all of which are available through the same web portal.

Students can thus find words they may otherwise not think of, and they don’t need to know a word or its spelling to find it.  Also they can find words on any subject of interest, they can search for words by sound (ideal for finding rhymes), search for words according to the character of the words… and so on.

You can try Wordipedia yourself for free by simply joining with a trial membership on our JOIN page as well as clicking this link to see more details of the Benefits for students and teachers.

Also, we provide low-cost access for school libraries.