How to do more to help parents

Have you observed any children who have:

  •  Relationship difficulties at home and in the nursery?
  • Anger management problems?
  • Attachment issues?
  • A lack of self-esteem & confidence?
  • Adjustment issues?
  • Suffered bereavement of a close relative?
  • Experience of domestic violence?
  • Signs of ADHD?

These are the eight top children’s emotional well-being problems.  If not detected and dealt with at an early stage, they are likely to develop into more serious conditions requiring therapy which in some cases may be for many years.

The good news is that if these problems are at an early stage and the degree of severity is only slight, you can coach the parent(s) in how to use play at home for only ten minutes a day to resolve them.

Help the children, help the parents, increase your income.

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Kind regards

Monika Jephcott

Chief Executive Play Therapy UK