How do essential early school skills develop?

A child’s brain makes 1,000,000 new connections every second.

Neuroscience and psychology help us understand more about development of early school skills and how children learn.

Experienced teachers are well-versed in effective teaching and learning methods but new ideas about how the brain works are emerging and alternative teaching ideas are being discovered through scientific enquiry.

The Wellcome Trust are funding the Science of Learning Zone, a website for education providers to connect with education researchers, neuroscientists and psychologists. The aim is to bridge the gap between research and practice in education.

On Monday 5th February we are starting the Early Development fortnight, which we think will be of particular interest to primary school staff.

What? Website which brings together researchers and teachers to discuss Early Development
Why? Find out why some techniques are more effective and what evidence there is to back them up.
When? 5th – 18th Feb (Early Development topic). Accessible at any time, different topics follow until 1st July 2018.
Where? Online. Visit
Who for? Teachers & other education professionals

Teachers and educationalists can read what other teachers are asking, join in with conversations and ask their own questions about the evidence that underpins learning in the classroom.

Find out more about about Early Development and the Science of Learning Zone.

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