Last chance to book Macbeth for in-school or on stage performances

It was fantastic! So professional and carefully engineered to give the students what they need.

There’s still time to book a performance of Macbeth for your students.

Fred Theatre’s revival of last year’s very successful Macbeth (Making Scotland Great Again) is out on the road this term and you still have time, just, to book an in-school performance. Why not give your students the advantage of a live performance at a competitive rate?

Our 90 minute adaptation is a fresh and exciting re-telling of the familiar and much-loved story. Macbeth features a cast of six professional actors. We concentrate on the text and producing a faithful representation of the original—just a little shorter!

All we need to perform at your school is a space approximately 5m x 5m with room (of course) for the audience. If you have room, and feel it would be a good idea, you can also invite some parents along too, so that they can see what their sons and daughters are studying.

To find out more, simply e-mail Helen in our office,, or call us on 01789 777612. We’ll collect a few details from you and respond with potential dates and a quote.

Macbeth can also be seen on stage in London at The Cockpit, Marylebone, on Tuesday 20 February at either 13:30 or 19:30. All tickets are £10 with comps for staff.

Robert Ball
Artistic Director

PS: We love getting feedback from schools. Here’s what one teacher wrote after a performance of Macbeth at her school a couple of weeks ago:

Hi Helen,

I just wanted to provide some feedback on today’s performance. It was fantastic! So professional and carefully engineered to give the students what they need. The actors were really impressive—they held the audience for the entire performance; no mean feat when dealing with 210+ sleepy teenagers!  

Kind regards,

Kathy Bliss, Parmiter’s School, Nr Watford

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