How can students most readily understand the key differences and similarities between the three monotheistic religions?

It is common to find that many students do not appreciate the difference between Sunni and Shia Islam, or between Roman Catholicism and the Greek Orthodox Church.

We are now giving a range of talks which have been found to be useful and to enhance the lessons of teachers of Religious Studies.

The material for the talks has been written and prepared by experts in, and practitioners of each religion, and are given by two speakers of different religions together. All are highly knowledgeable about their own religion and each other’s.

Inter-action is built into every session and involvement of the students is encouraged throughout. The presentations are accompanied by colourful, informative power points and films.

The speakers can speak to groups of any size and age, and will adapt the talks to the age of each audience, and to your requirements.

Cost: Free, although we would appreciate a voluntary contribution towards expenses where possible.

To book, or for more details: