Do you have any reservations about extra funding for training?

The Government has just published a Green Paper “Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health Provision”. It forms part of the Government’s work to transform mental health support, ending what the Prime Minister has referred to as the “burning injustice” of inequality which those with mental health problems experience. The Paper focuses on earlier intervention and prevention before issues escalate, particularly in and around schools and colleges.

The proposals include covering the costs of a significant training programme and will provide up to £15-20m each year, from 2019 to cover costs until all schools and colleges have had the chance to train a lead, this being the Head Teacher or SENCO.  However, the proposal is that any therapy required, which may attract additional funding, is carried out by an NHS service or CAHMS.  Play Therapy UK (PTUK) believes that for the majority of the cases (mild/moderate conditions) this would best be carried out by a trained member of school staff.

PTUK knows a great deal about working therapeutically with children in schools We have the largest evidence base (over 44,000 measures) showing how effective play and creative arts are when used therapeutically in primary schools – 78% to 84% children show a positive change.

We propose to respond accordingly to the consultation taking into account your views.

To help schools prepare for the changes implied in the Green Paper we are providing a free of charge advisory service. This will keep you in touch with progress of the legislation and give you practical advice on the steps to take.  Just email me if you are interested.

Jeff Thomas
Registrar – Play Therapy UK