Helping to understand the impact of religion on conflicts


Talks Related to GCSE Religious Studies

To book or for more details:

Dear Head of Religious studies

We are now offering a range of talks which we hope will be of interest to teachers of RS. For example:

  1. Jerusalem. Its importance to Judaism, Islam, Christianity
  2. The three monotheistic religions. Do the dates of their establishment influence their attitudes towards each other?
  3. Islam, Christianity: similarities, differences, beliefs, cultures, history
  4. Judaism, Christianity: similarities, differences, beliefs, cultures, history
  5. Judaism, Islam: similarities, differences, beliefs, cultures, history
  6. Christians in the Middle East
  7. The impact of Islam and Judaism on the Arab-Israeli conflict
  8. Religious aspects of recent upheavals in the Middle East
  9. Sunni Islam, Shia Islam
  10. Hezbollah, Hamas, ISIS. The effect of their religious beliefs on their actions.
  11. Any topic you suggest

The talks are given by two speakers together, a Muslim and a Jew. Both are highly knowledgeable about their own religion and about Christianity, and their presentations are accompanied by lively, informative power points and films.

Inter action is built into every session, and involvement of the students is encouraged throughout. The speakers will adapt the length of session to your requirements.

To book or for further details:

Anne Smith


Classroom chairs with a TWENTY year warranty

Classroom chairs with a TWENTY year warranty can save your school or college hundreds or possibly thousands of pounds  AND eliminate time wasted in trying to repair damaged chairs. 

Improvements in  design and manufacture  have  meant that the quality and durability of student chairs have improved significantly during the past few years.  The result is that it’s now possible to obtain classroom  chairs with a TWENTY  year warranty.

That’s up to TWENTY years with NO replacement costs and NO repair bills…which,  in a large school or college can save  hundreds of pounds.

Designed not only to be comfortable, durable and virtually vandal proof but also to encourage good posture, the “Postura Plus” chair is available in sixteen attractive colours and six sizes,  making it ideal for use across different departments and in both primary and secondary sectors.

For a limited period, until March 20  2018 it’s possible to order Postura Plus chairs at 2017 prices ……. a saving of at least 50p per chair on what are already very competitive prices.  Please note that to take advantage of this  offer you must take delivery before 30 March 2018.  So, if you have been considering adding to your stock of Postura chairs or perhaps introducing them for the first time here is an opportunity to do so and save money at the same time.

For more information about these chairs please visit the website 

 If you’d like to discuss their suitability for your organisation or to chat about a possible order please call 020 7515 1797 and ask to speak to Martin Evans who will be pleased to help.

Central Educational Supplies Ltd can also be contacted by email on or fax: 020 7515 4420

Central Educational Supplies Ltd.,  PO Box 999  London, E14 6SH

Extra funding for training

The Government has just published a Green Paper “Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health Provision”. It forms part of the Government’s work to transform mental health support, ending what the Prime Minister has referred to as the “burning injustice” of inequality which those with mental health problems experience. The Paper focuses on earlier intervention and prevention before issues escalate, particularly in and around schools and colleges.

The proposals include covering the costs of a significant training programme and will provide up to £15-20m each year, from 2019 to cover costs until all schools and colleges have had the chance to train a lead.

To help you prepare for an application for this funding we are providing a free of charge advisory service. This will keep you in touch with progress of the Green Paper and give you practical advice on the steps to take.  Just email me if you are interested.

PTUK knows a great deal about working therapeutically with children.  It has the largest evidence base (over 44,000 measures) showing how effective play and creative arts are when used therapeutically in primary schools – 78% to 84% children show a positive change.

Jeff Thomas

Registrar – Play Therapy UK