Two simple, cost effective products which can transform teaching and learning in schools and colleges throughout the UK……

Over the years I’ve spoken to various teachers (mainly in secondary schools) and one topic seems to crop up more than others. It’s the problem of students  turning up to lessons without a pen, pencil, ruler etc.  Apparently this leads to a measure of disruption and wasted time at the start of lessons while students try to beg, steal or borrow what they need to benefit from the lesson.

Fortunately there are now a couple of simple, low cost  products which can help to  solve this problem.

The first is the “Student Essentials set”  consisting of three good quality black ballpens, two full length HB pencils, a 15 cm ruler, eraser  and a pencil sharpener  …all packed in an A5 size “exam friendly”  clear PVC zip slider wallet. From only 85p ex vat it will almost certainly prove useful for students and teachers alike.

The second is the “Value Maths set”…and once again it comprises the same  A5 size

“exam friendly”  clear PVC zip slider wallet  but with some components which are specific to maths lessons: a metal compass and half pencil, 180 degree protractor, 15 cm ruler, sharpener, eraser,  two good quality black  ballpens and a full length HB pencil. From just £ 1.25 ex vat it should help restore a bit of order at the start of maths lessons!

Both these products can be obtained from Signpost Educational Ltd  via their website: or by phone (020 7515 1797)

or email:

We understand that the firm holds good stocks of these products and  usually delivers  within 1-3 days of receiving orders.