Quality and affordable teaching supplies to support the curriculum

Early Years Resources is a reputable supplier of cutting edge educational resources for Nurseries and Primary Schools throughout the UK and worldwide for 25 years.

Our team consists of experienced teachers and specialists buyers who have sourced innovative and “hard to find” products designed to aid in the delivering of the curriculum and the development of pupils’ skills in the classroom.

Our extensive range of curriculum based resources includes:

  • English – focusing on communication; equipping pupils with a strong command of spoken and written language and nurturing a love of literature
  • Mathematics – teach the key mathematical aims; problem solving, fluency and reasoning in a fun and exciting way
  • Science – broaden pupils’ scientific view of the world through exploring, asking, analysing and observing

To view our range of products visit our website or view our digital catalogue .

Great reasons to shop with us

  • Over 6000 resources to choose from including Art and Craft, Furniture and Outdoor Equipment
  • Resources selected by our team of experienced teachers and specialist buyers
  • 25 years of supplying educational resources to primary schools and early years settings
  • Educational establishments in Ireland can now order directly through our website.
  • Easy ways to order – online, phone, email, fax and post

For further information, feel free to contact us on (+44) 161 865 3355 or email sales@earlyyearsresources.co.uk.