A dangerous mix of inflation and depreciation

Due to a dangerous mix of inflation and depreciation, leasing (as opposed to purchasing) is a growing trend

Leasing (as opposed to purchasing) is a growing trend across the board, from housing, equipment, and technology, all the way to school minibuses.

Why? Due to a dangerous mix of inflation and depreciation (with the exception of housing, of course, but the single factor of inflation is a reason in itself not to purchase as many people simply can’t afford it).

For now, however, I would just like to focus on the growing trend to lease a school minibus because Benchmark Leasing has devised a number of minibus leasing packages specifically designed for schools as purchasing a minibus simply isn’t an option for many schools.

Indeed, it is an arrangement which makes it possible for schools to fund the minibus through a small payment each month, which has the added benefit of improved budgeting and cash flow.

But this is not all. Since schools know how much the minibus will cost each month they do sometimes ask the PTA to make a contribution each month – which is often very much welcomed since it means that the parents making the contribution to the minibus know that it is their children who are benefitting, rather than the children in future years.

Furthermore, with Benchmark Leasing the vehicle’s MOTs, repairs* and services are included in the arrangement, and the costs are conveniently built into the lease price. And, as the minibuses that Benchmark lease to schools are always brand new, the lenght of time during which the minibus is out of action due to repairs is significantly reduced.

To explore leasing further, please do visit our website. Or if you would prefer to discuss it with someone, please do call 01753 859944 or email minibus@benchmarkleasing.co.uk.