Help your SEN students to make sense of money with the Making Sense of Money Set

It is pleasantly surprising when a new topic is added into the curriculum with very few teething problems, such as the introduction of financial literacy to the maths and citizenship curriculum in 2014.

However, there does seem to be a lack of resources that explore and explain finances in a way that students with SEN can easily understand.

Which is why SEN Press has devised the Making Sense of Money Set which contains a wealth of resources about dealing with money in everyday situations, including:

  • Six story books which support the ASDAN CoPE Award. Titles include, “Money In, Money Out”, “Everyday Money”, “What’s it Worth?”, “Cash and Cakes”, “Keeping Money Safe” and “Making Ends Meet”.
  • A CD-ROM providing electronic versions of the above titles, making it ideal for interactive whiteboard presentations and for students who would also benefit from listening to the text.It is also possible to edit and save the text to make your own story, create differentiated texts, and personalise the text with your students’ names to enhance engagement.
  • An extensive range of activity worksheets and interactive activities that encourage reading comprehension. Activities include, Words and Pictures, Picture Search, Keyword Flashcards, Wordsearch, Spot the Difference, How Well Did You Read?, Missing Words, Quizzes, and Drag and Drop.
  • Supporting resources for teachers including page-by-page notes for all the stories and assessment resources (feedback sheets and student record sheets).

The complete set of resources containing two copies of each of the six readers, the complete teacher book, and the CD Rom is available for £139 plus VAT (save 10%).

You can see more details and sample pages from the readers, and details for ordering individual items as well as the full pack on our “Making Sense of Money” web page.

If you have any questions or need more information, please email or call 01582 833205.  We’ll be delighted to hear from you.

Imagine the key texts of English literature from just £1.50 each with free delivery, and no minimum order!

From Jane Austen to the Brontës, from Dickens to Conan Doyle, from DH Lawrence to William Shakespeare, Wordsworth Editions has over 450 titles in print, covering over 230 works of classic literature, and over 50 popular children’s books.

And not only does each volume naturally have the full text, but with all of our classics there is also a set of exclusive introductions and notes.

We are also adding new titles to our range regularly – with the most well-known works of HG Wells being the most recent to be included on our list.

The normal price of the key texts is £1.99 which is reduced by 25% and free post and packing when you order direct from us.

To get an overview of the sort of titles we can offer please do visit our website.  However if you would like to see a list of around 50 of the most popular titles which are available direct to schools at the special price of £1.50 that is available here.

Then if you want to see the full list of our titles in print along with a ready to use order form, should you need it, then we have a page with those details as well.

And here’s one final offer of a free book.  Just in case the notion of books at £1.50 each with free delivery seems just too good to be true, we’d like to assure you of the quality of our publications.

So, if you would like a free sample of one of our classics, just email with your name and the school address, and we’ll put it in the post to you, with our compliments.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Are Jesus’ teachings relevant today?

What is the single most effective way to engage your pupils in assemblies that are explicitly Christian in nature?

It can be difficult for children to understand the relevance of Jesus’ teachings in their daily lives.

Children may struggle interpreting stories from the Holy Bible and their deeper meanings – which form the core of Christianity as a religion – as the stories are not set in a society to which the children can relate.

It is for this reason that we have produced Modern Christian Assembly Stories.

This resource contains 50 modern Christian assembly stories with characters, scenarios, themes, and everyday dilemmas which your pupils will be able to relate to. Children will come to realise that Jesus’ teachings are still relevant today and will understand how Christian beliefs and values play a part in their lives.

Some of the stories will make them, and you, laugh, whilst others will prompt you all to reflect deeply.

For example, in one story your pupils will meet Billy who loses his trunks whilst swimming at school – how embarrassing! What will he do? And in another story your pupils will meet David who is missing his best friend who has left school. Then he meets Arthur, the new boy. Arthur is different. He is autistic: he canʼt speak. How can David make friends with him?

Furthermore, accompanying teacher’s notes will enable you to make the most of each story, providing information on the background, story and theme, as well as a brief summary of what Christians believe and a short prayer related to the story.

For more information about Modern Christian Assembly Stories for £17.99 simply visit:

As always, you can order this resource in a variety of ways, such as:

• by visiting the website

• by phone on 01449 766629

• by fax on 01449 768047

• by email to

• or by post to Brilliant Publications, Mendlesham Industrial Estate, Norwich Road, Mendlesham, Suffolk, IP14 5ND.

Would a £10 Amazon voucher be useful…?

When it comes to Year 6, the challenge is coming up with new ways to give your students the most memorable send-off ever. It’s not easy, is it?

We passionately believe our brand new “End Of Year” musicals are the answer!  Meticulously written with teachers and children in mind, they offer the perfect blend of contemporary songs and scripts that are guaranteed to be easy to teach.

If you haven’t tried us before, you’re in for a treat. And, for a limited time, all summer shows include a choice of a £10.00 Amazon voucher or £10.00 discount! Full details here.

Any questions? Just contact us – we’re always happy to help!
T: 0333 014 5855

Click here to see the full “Amazon Voucher” Summer Collection.

That’s summer sorted!


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