Free resources available from Boardworks Maths!

Take a look at the free maths resources available from Boardworks to help your lessons really shine this half-term!

Boardworks is full of engaging and exciting material, comprehensively covering the KS3, KS4, and A-level curricula.

To get a glimpse of how our interactive presentations, activities, and worksheets can transform the classroom and support your teaching, visit our free stuff archive now:

Here’s a quick reminder of what you can currently find there for free:

  • A KS3 presentation on angle rules;
  • A KS4 activity on circles;
  • An interactive KS4 activity on similar triangles;
  • An A-level activity on transformations of graphs;
  • A KS3 presentation on graphs of functions.

You can find out more about Boardworks Maths, including a full content breakdown, on our website:

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