Do you need a tracker which will match your own ‘no levels’ assessment policy?

Many schools have found it difficult to get to grips with the new Primary assessment system and the numerous changes imposed by the Government haven’t helped.

But if your school has grasped the challenge that there are almost no rules and that how you assess is largely up to you, are you now finding that your current tracker doesn’t let you implement your assessment policy as you would like?

For instance, can you import your own curriculum? If you want to use the National Curriculum Programme of Study statements or the NAHT model, can you edit the statements, deleting some and re-wording others? Can you give statements different weightings or set some as KPIs or non-negotiables?

With no levels to rely on, can you set your own assessment grades, allowing less able pupils to show progress while letting the ablest shine?

Do you have the flexibility to assess pupils at either Statement or Subject level; enter assessments at any time but set your own reporting dates?

Do you want to be able to filter results by groups such as boys/girls, pupil premium, SEN, first language, ethnicity or create your own groups and filter results by these?

Now that you have realised how much flexibility you can have under the new regime, won’t you need a tracking system which is equally flexible and will fully support your assessment policy?

Our Online Primary Progress toolkit can, we believe, support almost any assessment policy.

We have designed it with two simple aims – to create a tracker which is easy to use and can be customised to a school’s precise needs.

So, if you aren´t 100% satisfied with your current tracker, why not check out our Online Primary Progress toolkit?

If you need more information, or would like to discuss your specific needs, email me at or ring me on 01279 652183.

We can also give you free access to a demo site where you can try out the toolkit for yourself.

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