Why Change to an Interactive Touchscreen (ITS)?

There comes a time with all technology when more modern equipment supersedes it. Years ago we used blackboards with chalk. Several generations later we were using Interactive whiteboards (IWB) with projectors. Believe it or not these have been in circulation in schools for around twenty years.  However time moves on and schools are now moving over to Interactive Touchscreens. These have all the benefits of IWBs plus many more:

  • Use up to 75% less power
  • Crystal clear viewing in any light conditions
  • Useable in any rooms and are not wall dependent
  • No shadows
  • No need for unsightly projector fittings.

There are several brands of ITS on the market but only one is so confident of its product that it offers a SEVEN YEAR warranty. GeneeWorld  offer a guaranteed seven year warranty.

Genee is already a world renowned  brand in the education market as the leader in visualiser technology. They have used this knowledge of classroom technology and interactivity to design a board that can not only interact with legacy software, but has its own bespoke Spark software for giving you the very best results. To watch a 12 minute video of these products go to http://www.arkel.co.uk/genee.

Arkel Computer Services is a specialist Geneeworld partner and can offer you best prices for all Genee products. If you have a requirement for an ITS, visualiser or any other Genee product please call Arkel on 01858 432495 or contact sales@arkel.co.uk

Prices of Interactive Touch Screens start from: £1340

However, for your guidance we have listed the price of some of the more popular products below:

G-Touch Slim 55” De Luxe with built in Android £1340 (Special Offer Price while stocks last)
G-Touch Slim 65” Classic £1884
Heavy Duty Wall Mount £45
H Frame and Wall Mount (for floor mounting) £150
Larger Screens are also available up to 86”
Special March Offer on 80” De Luxe £2995

We also offer a full installation and fitting service in your area. Please call 01858 432495 for prices which will vary according to quantity and size of the boards.

Genee Visualisers                                                          From £128

All prices are subject to delivery charges and VAT.

Arkel also offer all other forms of IT hardware and technical support. For a better idea of the scope of how we can help , go to: www.arkel.co.uk or call us on 01858 432495 or email sales@arkel.co.uk

Arkel Computer Services Ltd., 38 Granville St., Market Harborough, Leics. LE16 9EX

English Literature Summer School – Part 1 (650AD to 1790AD)

The English Literature Summer School – Part 1 will cover literature dating from 650AD to 1790AD, including Middle English, Medieval Literature, Chaucer, The Renaissance, Shakespeare, Restoration Literature and the Rise of the Novel. In addition we will also be covering Historicist and Feminist critical approaches as part of this Summer School.

This course offers the opportunity for an in-depth and illuminating exploration of the major movements in the development of English Literature. Tackling canonical authors including Chaucer, Shakespeare and Milton, students will develop the skills to read them both within their historical context and in dialogue with other writers and genres, such as the Medieval courtly poem and Renaissance travel writing. The course should foster a broad understanding of Medieval, Early Modern and eighteenth-century literary movements and familiarise students with their range of distinctive genres, styles and concerns.

Covering a wide range of writing forms including narrative and religious poetry, drama, Renaissance prose, and the invention of the novel form, we will combine close and critical reading with short lectures, group work and editing projects, in order to understand how the texts we encounter were put together. We will approach literature not only in book form, but also in its older oral incarnations, in manuscript, and crucially in performance. Drama should be understood in relation to its production on the stage, and an integral part of this is the trip to a Shakespeare play at the Globe Theatre. For 2017 this will be Twelfth Night.

As well as tackling the exciting developments in the English language through Old and Middle English, we will focus on major ideas that stimulated the literary imagination through several periods including religion, empire, and gender relations. Literary theory will play an important role in examining the production of ideas over time, and in this Summer School we apply the insights of Feminist and Historicist criticism in order to open up new perspectives on the texts that we read or encounter in performance.

Literature of past periods can sometimes seem remote from our own as we grapple with Anglo-Saxon anonymous authorship, or why fiction was such a shocking concept in the early eighteenth century. This Summer School invites students to read literature pre-1790 with historical awareness, critical acuity and an enhanced understanding of the ways in which it has shaped cultural relations, in the past and in the present. As such, the course will be particularly useful to students considering undergraduate study of English, but it is suitable for all those with a passion for literature, and complementary to A-level and Pre-U courses with an emphasis on understanding different periods of literature.

You can view a full schedule for the course, details of tutors and lots more feedback from last year on our website – www.debatechamber.com.

Part 1 of the course will take place on the 24th-28th July 2017. Students may also be interested in Part 2 of the Summer School on the 31st July – 4th Aug which covers literature from 1790 to the present day, with a focus on postcolonial and deconstructivist schools of theory, or Part 3, taking place 7th-11th Aug, which covers exclusively contemporary prose, poetry and drama, with a focus on psychoanalytic theory and theories of the canon.

Please note that students can attend all Parts of the Summer School, or just one or two, depending on their literary interests. Although the courses complement one another, they can also be treated as stand alone events and there is no requirement to have attended Part 1 in order to register for other Parts.

Practical Details:

The English Literature Summer School – Part 1 will take place on the 24th-28th July 2017.

The cost of booking any single Part of the English Literature Summer School £475, the cost of any two Parts is £850, and the cost for all three Parts of the Summer School is £1200. The Summer School will be held at a University of London, Bloomsbury campus (please note that these courses are not residential, and accommodation must be arranged independently if required).

There will be a limited number of bursary spaces available for those who would otherwise have financial difficulty in attending – please see our website for details.

To book a place please visit http://www.debatechamber.com/summerschools/. call us on 0845 519 4827, or email info@debatechamber.com. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

What more can you do to attract new teachers to fill the job vacancies at your school?

With the current climate of employment in the education sector it’s vital that you can offer an attractive job package to applicants – not least to ensure that they (if given the choice) would choose to work for your school as opposed to a neighbouring school.

Which is why an increasing number of schools are choosing to get 5 in 1 Staff Absence Insurance Cover as it offers a generous Wellbeing Package for school staff. And if you quote the code SCHOOLS10, you will be eligible for a 10% discount.

With the Wellbeing Package you will be able to offer your existing staff and future staff: eye tests and replacement glasses, extensive Employees Assistance Programme, cash back on therapies (physiotherapy/acupuncture/reflexology), 24 hour GP helpline, diagnostic scans, critical incident support, booklets for staff and a Wellbeing App download.

5 in 1 Staff Absence Insurance also covers:

  • Staff Absence – Stress Cover, Paternity Cover, Adoption Leave Cover, Jury Service, Compassionate Leave, Stranded Cover, Carer Cover…
  • Occupational Health – occupational health reports, face to face consultations, nurses visit, counselling services, pre-employment screening and a full referral service (at no additional charge).
  • Maternity Cover – our Standard Cover will provide up to £3,500 per claim however we’ve also created a freestanding policy that allows you to select the level of coverage that you need from zero to over £15,000.
  • And HR & Employment – unlimited telephone and email support, advice for HR and Employment Law issues, attendance at hearings and appeals where dismissal is a possibility, regular updates on changes to the law, free places for the Head and SBM at our Education and Employment Law seminars, the equivalent of one days’ attendance on site each year from an HR specialists or employment lawyer.

Simply fill in this form to get an Instant Staff Absence Quote and join the 800+ UK schools that already have 5 in 1 Staff Absence Insurance Cover. Alternatively, please do call us on 0113 2161144 or email sales@schoolsuk.com.

A focus on health and well-being

youcansay is a service provided by ReSURV for gathering and acting on pupils’ views.

Some of the information that comes out of our surveys can be surprising – or even shocking, which was our reaction when over a third of students in one school told us they regularly had nothing to eat before the first lesson.  These pupils who skipped breakfast were also more likely to voice concerns about feeling poorly, feeling angry, losing control,anxieties about home life, and fear of not fitting in.

What value would you put on information like this? Our service, which is fully supported and includes detailed reports analysing your results, is immediately available. It is affordable, costing as little as £550 for an entire secondary school.

To see more information on surveys which could be used in your school please click here

If you would like to talk about the questionnaires, their benefits and how they work, please call us on 0118 978 1078, you can also contact us by emailing service@youcansay.co.uk

Adam Dotchin