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Assessment in the New National Curriculum – an ATM perspective
A brilliant collection of tasks that illustrate how teachers can use ordinary classroom practice as the basis for assessment.  54 page + PDF slides

Learning Mathematics with Origami
Practical advice and activities on how to use origami with learners while offering opportunities to thinks creative, justify decisions and opinions and deepen understanding and reasoning.

Mathematical Imagery
An extensive collection of activities and writings on various aspects of imagery with a diverse collection of images and example questions for use in the classroom

Teaching Mathematics for Social Justice
A collection of meaningful projects for the Secondary classroom that encompass collaborative problem-solving while promoting discussion and engagement.

We Can Work It Out – collaborative Problem Solving for the Mathematics Classroom
This ATM best seller is a photocopiable book containing sets of group problem-solving cards to challenge and develop reasoning in the classroom.

Thinking for Ourselves
A fantastic book for KS1 and 2 containing activities to encourage chilldren to think by themselves or in a group and comes with a PDF of resource cards and activities to use alongside the problems.

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