Clips and videos bring a subject to life – but there’s so much out there. How do you find the best?

The web is awash with video material, but how do you find material that’s relevant and interesting?

TV Choice has brought together the best of its 280+ films and clips, supported by notes, on one password for classroom and home use. It means to-the-point, fact-packed material on Business, Economics, Geography, ICT, D&T History and PSHE & Citizenship. It means material created for UK schools, clearly organised, entertaining and without bias.

TV Choice has been providing relevant, compelling material for schools for over 30 years – that wealth of material is now available as an easy to use library at less than £4 a week.

You can preview some of our new titles that we offer by clicking on the following links:

Marketing Strategy Case Studies: Tesco Triumph & Tragedy

Marketing Strategy Case Studies: The Starbucks Experience

The European Union Explained: EU History, Structure, Pros and Cons

TV Choice offers a range of Streaming Platform Packages:

  1. Full TVChoice Library (280+ films & clips £195 + vat per year)
  2. Business & Economics (230+ films & clips £165 + vat per year)
  3. Geography, Leisure & Tourism (100+ films & clips £120 + vat per year)
  4. Design, Technology & ICT (60+ films & clips £75 + vat per year)
  5. PSHE & Citizenship (80+ films & clips £75 + vat per year)
  6. History (13 films & clips £49 + vat per year)

You can order any of our TV Choice Streaming Platform Packages either by visiting our website, calling 0208 464 7402, faxing 0208 464 7845, or by sending your order in the post to TV Choice Ltd, PO Box 597, Bromley, BR2 0YB.

Please note that if you enter the code HHSP16 at checkout (on the website) or on your order, you will receive 10% off your order.