Online Safeguarding Training for OFSTED requirements

SSS Learning’s CPD accredited secure online safeguarding training is created specifically for school and academy settings to meet the OFSTED Common Inspection Framework, offering a perfect solution to promote best practice and evidence training to OFSTED.

Accessible anytime/anywhere on PC, MAC, Tablet or Smart Phone, our online training takes approximately one hour per course to complete and is by far the most cost-effective way to train your staff both quickly and easily.

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If your laminator breaks down, or you suddenly have a big laminating job and need an extra machine, we’ll deliver a new laminator within 24 hours.

When you need a new laminator suddenly, we can deliver a versatile, reliable machine offering consistent high quality lamination.

And it comes with jam-free mechanism allowing laminating for all types of documents including cut-up pieces up to A3 size.

All for £159.00.  If you want a picture, we have one here.   As for a wide range of laminating pouches they are here.

Here’s the technical spec…

  • Up to 690mm / 27″ a minute
  • Variable temperature control
  • Anti-jam reverse mode
  • Pouches up to 360 micron
  • Internal cooling fan

You can order in the any of the following ways:

  • Online here
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  • By calling us at 01443 236920
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A worrying number of schools contain asbestos

We all know the dangers associated with asbestos, but how certain can you be that it is not contained within your school?

Worryingly it has been reported that between 200 and 300 former school children and a rising number of teachers die of mesothelioma each year, thought to be caused by the asbestos found in 86% of school buildings across the UK.

It is important that all staff, particularly those responsible for the running of the buildings, are made aware of the potential hazards.  All staff should be instructed not to disturb or damage asbestos containing materials. Damage to school fixtures or fittings that could lead to the release of asbestos fibres need to be reported.

How do I know if asbestos is present and how do we manage it?

The Asbestos Man is able to work with you to devise and implement a comprehensive Asbestos policy that starts with a consultation, followed by a full site survey including the analysis of any suspect materials.

We will compile a user friendly report containing photographs, annotated plans and the appropriate recommendations from the survey findings. Where asbestos has been identified we will then work with you to put in place a management plan so that the occupants of the premises are protected.

For schools where budget does not allow a full site survey we can, in many cases, update an existing survey.

It is a legal requirement to undertake a refurbishment or demolition survey for asbestos containing materials prior to any works taking place.

If you have any enquiries regarding asbestos please do not hesitate to call (quoting reference code HH1):-

  Alan the Asbestos Man on 07510 104323

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Confidence and having an open mindset is everything in learning.

As the work of Carol Dweck has proved, no matter how able, a child’s perception of themselves as a learner will determine their academic career. If it is poor, it will:

  • Undermine their resilience, so that they give up at the slightest obstacle
  • Make them defensive learners, unwilling to challenge themselves
  • Make them over-reliant on teachers and on received opinion
  • Write-off successes as ‘flukes’
  • Under-perform in exams and tests
  • Have low aspirations and under-achieve in life

The acclaimed self-perception test Myself As a Learner Scale 8-16+, by Robert Burden, gives teachers, psychologists and researchers a proven technique to gain access to this important aspect of learning development. In fact, the test is the only one that measures a child’s perception of themselves, specifically as learners.

Using it will enable you to:

  • Uncover, beneath external shows of confidence, which children have poor views of themselves as learners and therefore will be liable to under-perform
  • Pinpoint exactly where their problems are
  • Measure progress in developing ‘open-mindsets’ in children

Myself as a Learner Scale 8-16+ is easy to administer, score and interpret. It can be used for gaining information on large cohorts of students or for more clinical purposes with individuals.

It is a valid and reliable scale that can provide a valuable addition to any school’s assessment programme or educational psychologist’s repertoire of assessment techniques.

This is why MALS has gone around the world as the key test to use to measure a child’s image of themselves as learners and thinkers.

You can find out more about the test and order your copy at our bookshop.

Or if you have any questions, or would like to order directly with me, you can email me at Or call me on my direct number: 0121 2247584.

I look forward to hearing from you.

James Mason
Teaching Times

Tel: 0121 224 7584 | Fax: 0121 224 7589 |

PS: If you would like to order by invoice, you can order your copy of MALS on the bookshop and select ‘Invoice Payment’ at check out.

The Little Box of BIG Questions

Philosophical and meaningful conversations with children and young people

Professor Irvine Gersch & Dr Anna Lipscomb

Children/young people need time, space and kindness to speak openly about the things most important to them and listening can help facilitators understand better the root of children’s thinking and behaviour, and can give an insight into how to better support them to reach their potential. Use these cards to provide prompts for a meaningful, stimulating and positive conversation about the ‘bigger picture’ in life. They will help children and young people understand their views about life, school and people important to them, which is enlightening for the facilitators too.

There are four areas for discussion:

Identity – allows the child to consider what is special about them as individuals & includes: How would you describe the person you are?

Important people – children are encouraged to consider who is important to them through questions such as: Who is special to you?

Meaning & Purpose – questions covering our mission and purpose in life, for example: Do you think that people’s lives are set out for them?

Thinking & Planning – the final set of questions allows individuals to think about how they reflect and make big decisions, for instance: How do you calm your mind, relax and think best? Have you ever experienced a big change in your life?

Contents: 17 A5-size cards, includes instruction booklet with ideas for use


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