If we want to encourage student reading, we need to offer them a way of reading in keeping with their daily lives.

According to Android, the creators of the mobile phone system that most people use, the average person checks their mobile phone nine times an hour.

Of course statistics like these are always dubious, but given that the figure came from data collected by Android directly from users, it is probably near the truth.

It is a figure that adds weight to the notion that there are a lot of young people for whom the mobile has become the centre point of life.

All of which points to the fact that if one is trying to encourage secondary school pupils and students to do something, if the task can be related to their phone, they are more likely to do it, because the phone is so central to their lives.

Thus if we take the notion of reading, if the student can read a book on the phone, there is an ever greater chance that it will be read.

This is a key reason as to why ePlatform has become so popular with schools.  For students, it is like having the library in their hand, available 24 hours a day.

ePlatform offers more than 350,000 titles including the latest UK and international best sellers and Collection Builder compilations (lists of most borrowed titles in schools like yours) for easy collection development.

In short ePlatform puts reading into the heart of students lives, making books instantly available, as those born since the digital revolution expect.

There are also many additional features to make reading easier for those with dyslexia and other reading challenges.  Students can vary the font, background colour, look up the meaning of unfamiliar words and use internet links to learn more.

ePlatform is also the most affordable eLending solution on the market, so you can spend more of your budget on eBooks, not hosting.

Of course being digital it also means that there is no question of damage to books, no loss of books, no concern about unreturned books.  Everything is set to encourage students to read more.

The easiest way to explore this development which is changing students’ perception of libraries and reading is to book a personal webinar demonstration either:

●       By phone on 07971 661782
●       By email on: Rachel@eplatform.co
●       Or by visiting www.eplatform.co

Rachel Lindsay
ePlatform Business Development Manager, UK