Ensuring students enjoy revision

Is it possible to get 83% of students to enjoy
working unsupervised and raise GCSE
grades at the same time? 

By unsupervised work I mean such activities as homework, revision and independent learning. And I raise the point because where we can get students to enjoy such work, then the chances are that their levels of learning will increase. 

Sadly, however, the awareness that students who enjoy unsupervised work get better grades still leaves us with one problem. How on earth do we get students to enjoy unsupervised work? 

One of the very few approaches that works – indeed perhaps the only approach that works – involves fundamentally changing this view that students have of their work. 

When attitudes and approaches change, then so does the student’s behaviour, whether that relates to homework, course work, revision or any other part of the learning programme. 

And this is what SAM Learning does. It fundamentally changes each student’s view of school work. Indeed a recent survey of 35,000 students who use SAM Learning revealed that the vast majority enjoy using the service. 

And that figure is in addition to the key point that as the Fischer Family Trust research has shown, where it is in use, SAM Learning is instrumental in attaining better GCSE results and achieving year-on-year school improvement. 

So as a result of SAM Learning not only can you be sure that your students will enjoy using SAM Learning, you can also be certain that with their increased motivation students will work harder to meet both their own and the school’s targets. 

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