Three ways to improve 2014 maths results

To help you and your team get even more sparkling maths results in 2014, we’d like to offer you the following.

1. Visualise maths clearly with Autograph 3.3. There’s no better tool to easily portray mathematical ideas and show how they work. See

2. Communicate maths quickly and precisely, on screen or in print with MathType. No more Doctor’s Handwriting and searching for maths symbols. See

3. No more marking! Use MathsNet or Mathster to set online tests and get them marked and reported automatically. See the highly popular,, or (Mathster is particularly good on iPads, iPhones, smart phones and tablets and for creating printed tests too).

Take a free trial for your whole school if you haven’t already got these. Just call us on 01204 811001 or email us at and we’ll arrange it.

All the best
Philip Yorke

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