Save money: impress Ofsted

What is the most effective way of saving money while at the same time giving the inspectorate something new to get excited about?

Ofsted inspectors currently seem to be particularly enthused by schools that use technology to save money while resolving well-known long term issues.

In short, schools which innovate and find new ways to maximise the outcomes of school systems will always impress. Put another way, Ofsted seems to love anything that looks like increased efficiency.

One way that a number of schools are now achieving this is by reducing the amount of money spent on designing and printing homework diaries. For many schools the annual spend in this area can be up to £9,000.

This is obviously a substantial cost and one where it is difficult to measure the impact on homework for learners. Yet, as we know, homework is a really important aspect of the Ofsted framework and is something that will be inspected.

So, the introduction of a new approach which costs less and which generates a higher level of homework completion, along with greater parental interaction, is bound to impress – and, of course, results in greater learning.

It was from this starting point that Show My Homework was introduced three years ago as a method of saving money while making it easier for teachers to set, track and monitor homework.

As a result you can reduce your current costs by more than 50% each year and show Ofsted that students, their parents, your colleagues and SLT all know what homework is set day by day, the deadlines for each homework, and the details of each piece of work.

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