The Original Repair Kit


Kit No. 3 – The Original Repair Kit – Ideal for all sorts of Design Technology Projects.

Price:  £49.24 inc VAT.   £41.03 exc VAT

The Original project pack and still the best! This kit has everything you
need to be able to manufacture moulded parts and all manner of small carbon
fibre items.

300ml of high performance epoxy (250ml resin: 50ml hardener),
1 x pot of microfibres (adhesive powder),
1 x pot of low density adhesive/filler powder,
(1000mm x 250mm) 200g/sqm Carbon Fibre woven fabric
(0/90) (200mm x 300mm) 300g/sqm Uni Directional Carbon Fibre Fabric
(800mm x 300mm) 300g/sqm Glass Fibre 0/90 woven fabric
(400mm x 300mm) ‘Peel Ply’ 150mm Nylon Fabric
Ancillaries: 2 pairs latex gloves, 3 mixing sticks, 2 x ½” brush,
2 x mixing pots

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