THE ANGEL’S HARP ‘A very musical nativity’ by Fran Carpenter

A new musical Christmas nativity play for 6-9 year olds – that your own little angels will love to perform!

We are delighted to introduce our new Christmas nativity production for primary school children aged 6-9 years (upper infants/lower juniors). The play is also suitable for mixed age and whole school groups including younger children.


Adina the angel plays the harp in the angel orchestra. Whilst rehearsing up on a cloud, the wind sweeps her harp from her hand and it tumbles down towards Bethlehem. In her search for her harp, Adina meets up with the colourful characters of the nativity story – who turn out to be a most musical bunch! She finds herself jamming in the Innkeeper’s ‘ceilidh band’, dancing to the shepherds’ conga, and parading to the wise men’s trumpet fanfare. Interspersed between these scenes are comical and quirky song and dance numbers, as the harp entertains the hens, lizards and gerbils living nearby. There is even an animal barnyard tap dance number in the style of Fred Astaire! The stars finally help Adina to discover the whereabouts of her harp, just in time for her to be reunited with her orchestra and play for the baby King.


You can listen to mp3 music clips from The Angel’s Harp online at


This is a truly musical celebration of the nativity story, introducing children to a variety of different musical styles. And it’s more than just a ‘sing-along’ nativity show. It provides opportunities for young performers to develop real musical skills and knowledge as they rehearse, and showcases their singing, dancing and instrumental talents – whilst making the teacher’s director role as easy as possible. It’s also a lot of fun.


There are speaking parts for up to 28 children, with further participation opportunities through singing, dancing and playing instruments for 90+ young performers. Duration is approximately 40 minutes.


The Angel’s Harp costs £25 for the script with performance tips, piano scores with guitar chords and a CD of vocal and plain backing tracks.


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