New Geography A Level and GCSE AQA Learning Grid Resources

How do you make sure your students understand the facts and become confident with the material in the easiest possible way?

Learning Grids: A must-have for any classroom! Concise and easy to use,
this resource reinforces the basics.

The learning process is simple and organised as students have to use their own notes and textbooks to fill in the empty grid, written in exact specification order. The structured learning method aids weaker students and ensures they absorb all of the information. They are fully referenced against key specification textbooks so whichever book you have, these grids will work for you.

A Level AQA & GCSE Learning Grids

  • An easy-to-set, yet valuable homework option.
  • Requires minimal preparation and interaction from the teacher — great for cover lessons!
  • Results in a comprehensive set of revision notes.

AS & A2: Cross-referenced to both Nelson Thornes and Philip Allan textbooks.

GCSE: Cross-referenced to Nelson Thornes, Heinemann and two Oxford University Press textbooks.

  • ‘A very good resource that focuses the student’s attention on key concepts… resource would help the students build a sound knowledge base.’ – I Dambudzo, Geography Teacher, Examiner and Independent Reviewer

  • ‘Easy-to-follow grid format with clear indications to relevant textbook sections, a good resource which will allow pupils to carry out a minimum level of reading for the AS unit.’ – A Ali, Head of Geography and Independent Reviewer

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ZigZag resources are available as ‘copy masters’ or in editable format and come with a site licence, allowing you to pay once and copy as often as you need, or put on your server for multiple use.

GCSE and A Level Learning Grids are available as a photocopy master with site licence (£24 – £49). Also available in:

  1. Easy-printing PDF files (add 30%+VAT), or
  2. PDF with editable Word files (add 50%+VAT).

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