The ‘Rules’ of Sharing: When do children have something to teach us?

Spend five minutes with a group of children and they can tell you about their ‘rules for sharing’ – they are often quite complicated and detailed.

Of course, it takes time for young children to develop a secure sense of ownership and be able to share willingly – it needs a certain level of maturity and can be difficult to get right sometimes.

The Dictionary definition is: ‘To allow someone to use or enjoy something that one possesses’.

Sue Dixon, owner of Thinking Child, wants to do just that – so we’ve come up with our own ‘Rule for Sharing’.

Sue asked ‘What’s the best way to share our good ideas with as many schools as possible?

And the answer is The Thinking Child Network – a simple but effective concept that allows more teachers to have access to what we do.

It works like this:

For an annual subscription of £250 schools receive: (£125.00 for schools with fewer than 100 pupils)

  • Full access for staff employed by a school to view and download ALL Thinking Child resources in digital format. (Yes all of them – really) This also includes any new ones launched in the coming year.
  • 25% discount on all Thinking Child resources (hard copy) – with free delivery.
  • A welcome gift of The Literacy Box and The Numeracy Box for your school when you sign up – worth over £300
  • Regular updates on new products and training events coming in 2013 -14.
  • The opportunity to give us feedback on new products and/or test them with your children.
  • The opportunity to write for us should you wish – blogs, case studies, articles etc.

That’s it – no catches – sharing really is that simple.

To find out more and join this ever growing network of schools visit the webpage today or give us a call:

Tel: 01604 491511