How can card games help pupils in science classes?

The word ‘game’ is unanimous with ‘fun’ in general terms. Put ‘card game’ together and you have a resource where you are thinking inside the box, literally!

Using card games in science lessons can be a great starter or plenary depending on the type of resource. For example loop games are great to summarise a topic and trump-style games are great for starters or even used in the main part of a lesson depending on the activity the teacher uses.

Our aim is therefore to source as many games and share them with other teachers across the UK. We have created a bundle package for science departments to obtain a selection of card games for their own classes.

Currently we have 10 games for you to choose from. Have a look at what tickles your fancy.

“To do this in a science lesson as a treat ” Pupil at Seven Kings High School

“The pupils have used the cards in conjunction with an activity that I have developed rather than just as a classic game of top trumps. It has certainly opened their eyes to a multitude of career opportunities that they didn’t know existed. ” Ros Walker, STEMNET Leader and Head of Science at Longfield School

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