How offering a foreign language at KS2 can help your school’s image and popularity

There is no doubt that when children learn that they are going to start lessons in a foreign language, they become motivated and excited by the prospect.

Parents too find the notion of learning a second language as a child interesting and indeed it is something that many see as a positive reason for choosing one school over another.

Clearly, offering the study of a foreign language is a good way for a school to differentiate itself from others, but many struggle with the level of staff skills available for teaching the foreign language.

Our series of starter packs for French, German and Spanish are specially designed to support non-specialist teachers as they start teaching their pupils another language.

Indeed from lesson plans and songs to activities and intercultural ideas – there is everything the teacher will need to start teaching French, German or Spanish at Key Stage 2.

Each starter pack contains:

  • A flexible scheme with lesson plans, worksheets, and an audio CD – everything you need to start teaching each language.
  • 20 catchy, original songs, specially written to teach core vocabulary and language structures
  • Festivals and Traditions – integrate intercultural understanding into your classes with the background information, activity ideas and worksheets in this book
  • 100+ Fun Ideas for Practising Modern Foreign Languages in the Primary Classroom – full of fun, practical suggestions for teaching vocabulary using puppets, flashcards, toys and much more!

If you are in the lucky position of having staff confident in teaching languages and so have successfully introduced the subject into your school, we have also developed extension and games packs to take your pupils learning beyond the basics.

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French starter pack

German starter pack

Spanish starter pack

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