Having one minibus might seem to be a bonus. But does any school really need two?

The answer is that increasing numbers of schools have two, three or even more minibuses on their books for the simple reason that, once heads of departments see their colleagues making use of the transport, they suddenly realise just how much more they could do given half the chance.

So minibuses themselves create a need for another minibus. But where on earth can the money come from?

Indeed, if you have watched a PTA or other grouping work for years to raise the money for a bus, it would seem utterly churlish to go back to the parents and friends of the school and invite them to do it all over again.

And yet, there is a solution.

Leasing a minibus means no money needs to be paid up front – you know exactly how much money the bus will cost you month by month, and if that money is in the school’s account or is arriving as income, then the minibus can be yours.

What the bus then gives access to is the ability to participate in ever greater levels of learning outside the classroom as well as adding the certainty that the school will be able to participate in inter-school events, away sports matches, A level geography trips, and so forth.

It is noticeable that the actual price of leasing (which can include all maintenance) is often considerably less than might be imagined, and this is the factor that often moves a school to take on an extra minibus after having previously thought that such an option was not on.

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