A free review of the leases that your school holds could bring you a significant refund

Following a recent review of school leases, the current estimate is that well over 50% of leases signed by schools contain errors that result in the school paying more than it should.

Where this is as a result of mis-selling then the school may well be entitled to a refund.

So big is the problem that we are now able to offer a free investigation into any leases that your school holds. If any error is found in any lease, we will negotiate a suitable refund for the school. Our fee is paid out of that refund – there is never anything to pay up front – and of course if we find no errors there is nothing to pay at all.

The sort of leases that may well have overcharging within their contracts are those for photocopiers, printers, laptops, franking machines etc.

Typical problems that arise in leases include the over-charging for equipment, hidden commissions, incorrect calculations, unwanted insurance policies and incorrect documentation. Of course this list is far from all-inclusive – there are many other examples.

To stress the key point, it costs you nothing to submit a lease for checking and we only take a commission from what you claim.

To request an audit simply email me at Stephen@schools.co.uk and attach to the email a copy of your scanned-in leasing agreement/s and we will let you know if you may be entitled to a refund.

You will have no obligation to proceed – and if you do you will not be required to pay anything. Instead you will be told what percentage reimbursement the company will require in the event of their making a successful claim on your behalf.

Stephen Mister