Would you teach a child to play a piano using only their index fingers?

I expect the answer is no! So why are so many children expected to use another type of keyboard – the computer keyboard – without any proper typing training?

Recent research by the BCS – the Chartered Institute for IT – suggests that, on an average day, a secondary school pupil spends around 3 hours on a computer. Many schools now expect their pupils to conduct research on a computer, to type assignments and to even to complete some assessments. According to some commentators, it will not be long before many exams take place on a computer.

Whatever may or may not happen to exams, it is clear that computers are already – excuse the pun – a ‘key’ tool in today’s classrooms. Yet the fact remains that whilst around 80% of schools think that teaching typing would be a good idea, only around 15% do so.

So why is that? When schools are asked why they don’t teach typing, most will say one or more of the following points:-

  • They don’t have the space to fit it into the timetable.
  • They don’t have the expertise to teach it.
  • They don’t have the budget for it.
  • It’s not on the Curriculum.

Type-Net for Schools is a recent scheme, taken up so far by 130 schools across the country, that solves at least three of the four objections made above.

Firstly, by using online courseware that students can use at home as well as in school, on a ‘little and often’ basis, the need to squeeze it into the timetable is not necessary.

Secondly, no supervision is needed as the Type-Net courseware is self-paced, interactive and intuitive, allowing pupils from the age of 10 upwards to use it unaided. Progress tracking exists so that the teacher can get involved if they want to.

Thirdly, at cost of as little as around 50p per pupil, it shouldn’t break the bank. Parental charging could be an option if a budget is simply non-existent.

We can’t do much about including typing on the Curriculum (although we have tried!) but if exams do become computer-based then the ability to touch-type quickly and with accuracy will become essential!

For more information about Type-Net for Schools, all you need to do is send an email to enquiries@type-net.org putting ‘HH/0413’ in the subject line. We will email you an Information Pack within seven days.

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