Fantastic new online teaching resource for Media Studies

‘What is an advertising campaign?’ is an exciting new online resource from The History of Advertising Trust, designed to save you time and effort in developing lesson plans.

It contains a wide range of promotional campaigns and advertisements for different products, selected to clearly demonstrate how meanings and responses are created.

The resource illustrates why companies run campaigns and explains ‘in a nutshell’ the key elements of a campaign.

It is packed full of materials to provide you with both variety and focus for deconstruction and analysis of media concepts and themes covered by AQA, OCR, WJEC and Edexcel exam board specifications, for Key Stage 4 and 5 media related courses, including: objectives; messages; audience; communication techniques; media language; genre; representation; and more.

Intended for you to adapt easily for your own use in the classroom, it is quick and simple to download and is licenced for 365 days to give you the flexibility to decide how and when you want to use the materials.

This is an essential resource for all Media Studies departments and is great value at £50. However, if you are planning now for teaching in 2012/2013, take advantage of our fantastic introductory offer of just £30 if you purchase before 20th July 2012.

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Promoting a healthy school approach

The benefits of drinking water are well-known so it is a bit surprising that a recent study at Sheffield University found that six out of ten youngsters in the UK are at risk of daily dehydration because they do not drink enough.

The study recommends that students drink between three and four glasses a day. In addition to maintaining physical health, it is proven that this aids students’ concentration levels and thereby serves to enhance their academic performance.

So clearly it is beneficial to promote the regular drinking of water throughout the day, but it’s not ideal to suggest that students leave their desks during class times in order to get a drink.

What many schools have found is that by allowing each student to have a water bottle on their desk, disruption is kept to a minimum and the students get the drink they need.

It is with this in mind that we have developed our range of water bottles for schools.

We offer a wide range of tough, durable and non-spill water bottles with different designs and prices to suit any budget.

What’s more, we can also incorporate your school’s name and logo into that design.

You can find more information on our website –

Alternatively, if you would like to see a free sample of the bottles we produce simply call us on 0845 450 5600.