Raising standards in creative writing

Encouraging children to be creative and original in their story writing can produce some weird and wonderful ideas. However, this doesn’t mean that their stories take them forward in terms of their creative writing.

A number of skills are required to help children to bring their writing to life and it is with this in mind that we have produced a set of books that explore these skills and offer activities and exercises that children can use to improve their creative writing.

The result is a series of three books: ‘Developing Skills for Writing’ covering levels 2, 3 and 4.

Each book contains sentence and text level activities which explore exactly how ‘powerful verbs’ can be used effectively, how ‘connectives’ can be used to signal time, how to compose ‘complex sentences’, how to use adjectives to create detail etc. In fact there’s a whole range of skills to move children’s writing on from National Curriculum Level 2 to Level 4.

Developing Skills for Writing uses, throughout the series, a multisensory approach to teaching, including word games, role play and oral activities covering all frequently used punctuation and grammar skills. Clear lesson plans explain every activity.

A ‘helping hand’ is also included to help pupils remember key facts and, where possible, optional worksheets focus on boys’ interests.

Free sample pages are available from our website at the web links below

Developing Skills for Writing – level 2

Developing Skills for Writing – level 3

Developing Skills for Writing – level 4

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