I need a minibus, but we don’t have the cash

The school minibus: gateway to education beyond the classroom, but seemingly too expensive to buy, full of red tape and the need to have someone in the school who sees to the maintenance.

Except that there are solutions, solutions which can be used to provide a minibus, whether for the exclusive use of the sports department or to be shared with other departments in the school.

For a start, a minibus does not necessarily require a large payment of money up front. If the school leases a minibus rather than buying it outright the school then pays for it on a monthly basis, thereby overcoming completely the problem of squeezing already limited cash reserves. And that is only the start of the saving.

Where some school visits and trips are paid for through contributions from parents and the PTA, this can often generate enough funds to cover the monthly cost of the minbus.

Alternatively, the minibus can be funded through small monthly deductions from various departments’ income. Or, if you can persuade both the PTA and perhaps half a dozen departments in the school to agree to fund the bus jointly, the funding problem is completely resolved.

The issue of keeping the vehicle fully maintained and operational at all times can be overcome by an arrangement whereby the company from whom the school leases the minibus is also in charge of maintenance.

What’s more, if you order a minibus in the near future, the chances are it will be delivered to you in September.

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