Is it possible to make Year 6 confident about Secondary School transition, in 90 minutes?

Apparently yes, it is possible, because so far over 100,000 pupils have enjoyed our workshops in their own school. Feedback from teachers has been universally positive.

What pupils develop in this workshop is a safe and secure mindset regarding the looming transition to Secondary School.

Using Drama, pupils are introduced to three characters with varying experiences on their first day of Secondary School. They learn their fears and how they overcame them, making them feel more settled and at ease.

They have the opportunity to interact with each of them, with the purpose of making them comfortable to ask any difficult questions.

The 90 minute workshop encompasses useful learning and thinking skills, annotation, keeping safe, cyber safety, developing friendships, and a broad introduction to steering clear from crime.

Most importantly though, pupils are encouraged to think positively about their futures.

Our transition programme was put together with a consortium of educators, writers and performers ensuring that it works for pupils, educators and parents every time – and with 800+ school visits to date, we feel confident that we can verify this is the case.

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