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Our new online, video-based e-Learning courses will provide important CPD approved training for your staff at a time and pace to fit around their work commitments – all at a tiny fraction of the price of conventional training.

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Health & Safety – which includes Fire Safety, Food Safety, Anti-Harassment and Bullying, Behavioural Safety;

Business Skills – such as Delegation, Leadership, Equality, Diversity and Discrimination, Time Management;

Health & Social Care – including titles such as Safeguarding Children, Positive Handling in Schools; ‘Prevent’ Duty.

All our courses are of the highest quality, using video to illustrate and engage the learner.  Content is kept up to date constantly.  Each course includes a series of assessments which lead to a completion certificate, especially important where training is regulatory.  And most will earn CPD points for each individual learner.

For schools we offer flexible credit schemes with massive discounts against the individual prices shown on our web site.  Please click here to make a no-commitment enquiry and we’ll send you a price quotation.  


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Violence in the Middle East.

Is this due to differing religious beliefs and philosophy, desire for power and land, or just pure hatred?

Our balanced talks by a Muslim and a Jew together provide new insights, useful for both GCSE and A level exams as well as PSHE, into the various conflicts, and explain differing political and historic claims, and the effect of the differences between Sunni and Shia Islam.

To book a free talk, please contact Ann Smith, office@middleeastedu.co.uk

For more information and detailed free resources, see our website     www.middleeastedu.co.uk