Two of the best scientific calculators for KS 3, 4 and GCSE maths plus Scottish maths lessons and exams ……   

The Casio FX 83GT+ and the Logik LK 83XP are excellent choices for your GCSE maths students.  They are in use in thousands of schools and colleges throughout the UK.

Both calcs have a “natural display” function which enables students to enter expressions and data as shown in textbooks.  As you would expect the build quality and reliability of these calcs is excellent and they both benefit from a THREE year warranty. (excludes damage to the LCD).

The Logik LK 83XP has similar features and functions to the Casio FX 83GT+ (but without the “verify” and “recurring decimal” functions).  Both calcs  feature  prime factorisation, random numbers, algebraic logic, multi-line replay, standard deviation, log / anti-log, hyperbolics etc and have a THREE year warranty and are available at short notice from  Signpost Educational Ltd.

The Logik LK 83XP is available from £ 5.22 each ex vat while the Casio FX 83GT+ starts from £ 6.55 each ex vat.

Even though both calcs have a THREE year guarantee there is however, one significant difference. The Logik LK 83XP benefits from both battery and solar power (thus prolonging battery life) while the Casio FX 83GT+ is battery power only. 

For more details & prices please see:   

 or email to: or phone: 020 7515 1797

Signpost Educational Ltd PO Box 999 London E14 6SH 

P.S. Orders are usually delivered within 1-3 working days.

History teachers: save time and money

Your ideas matter…

Judith Loades has been publishing materials for schools for nearly 30 years and many of those titles have been suggested by teachers.

To celebrate the new website going up in January I am launching a new discount programme saving you money on advertised prices.

For instance a single paperback is yours for £3.50 rather than £6.99. If you buy five sets of Notes in soft covers (many teachers buy more because they save you time) then £100 becomes £60.

How do you qualify for these discounts? Simply email your name and school to or telephone Oxford reception on (01865) 292148 with the same information and you will receive your first pack.

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