Simple study hacks for students

If you’re anything like the teachers I know then I can almost guarantee you are constantly hit with the feeling that there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done.

I want to be respectful of your time so I’ll keep this short. I am in the process of creating some study hack posters which will look great on classroom walls and will be of great value to students. If you would be interested in receiving free pdf copies to print out then please do email me.

I’ve included 3 of the hacks below:

  1. Go Cold Turkey – The website ‘’ is essential for those who are easily distracted by surfing the web.  People use Cold Turkey because once you start a block, there’s no turning back. By default, timers are locked until your timer is up and the weekly schedule can be locked until a certain time.
  2. Pomodoro Technique – Set a timer, get serious about studying for 25 minutes and off you go. Reward yourself with a five-minute break afterwards. Repeat 3 times and give yourself an hour off. It’s easy and very effective.
  3. Maths Genius – is a fantastic website that allows students to repeat a particular topic multiple times and become really confident with the subject matter.

The videos incorporate all learning styles, and many people have used them to study up to degree level mathematics in their own time.

If you are still reading this then I hope you’ve found this helpful so far. We share many different and effective study techniques in our motivational seminars delivered by our team of military veterans. They relate their personal stories too which students find incredibly inspiring and helps motivate them to try harder. We deliver one hour seminars for up to 100 students for £399.

If you would be interested to find out more then feel free to contact me.

Nasir Unia
07830 208725

My mate Ed used to be a teacher……….  

Ed had been a teacher for more than thirty years,  working in several London boroughs. He started out as a supply teacher, then moved on to be a subject teacher,  head of year and head of department.

Now and again he would recount some of the more “grisly” goings on in whichever school he was working  at the time…..and it wasn’t only the students he got “naffed off” with…… (but that’s another story, as they say).

If there was one thing he felt strongly and got so angry about it was when students came to his lessons without the basics, i.e. they turned up without a pen, pencil, ruler, etc.

He was well read,  an experienced teacher and planned his lessons carefully, so he regarded any delay in starting a lesson as a personal insult.  His view was “If I take the trouble to plan my lessons and make them  relevant and interesting, then why the heck can’t my students bring a pen and pencil with them?”

Thankfully, a couple of years before he retired, he found out about the “Student Essentials” set.

“If I’d known about this product thirty years ago then my life as a teacher would have been much easier and my students would almost certainly have got a lot more benefit from my lessons.”

The “Student Essentials” set is all about providing students with the basics they need and cutting out wasted time at the beginning of lessons….result:  Improved productivity in both teaching and learning.

The “Student Essentials” set consists of three quality black ink ballpens, two full length HB pencils, an eraser, pencil sharpener and a 15 cm ruler, all packed in a clear “exam friendly” PVC wallet with a zip slider (size: 230 x 155 mm). It’s ideal to sell to your students (or maybe even give them away !) or use as prizes or incentives.  From only 85p each, ex vat  it’s a simple, yet cost effective way of helping both teachers and students be more productive.

The “Student Essentials” set can be obtained from  Signpost Educational Ltd.  who can be contacted on: email:  or tel  020 7515 1797  or you can visit their website:

Signpost Educational Ltd.,  PO Box 999  London E14 6SH 

P.S. Your order will usually be delivered within 1-3 working days.

Debate Chamber Summer Schools

The Debate Chamber Summer Schools offer students age 15-18 the opportunity to find out more about some fascinating subjects, prepare for university applications, meet like-minded peers and get to grips with some tough intellectual challenges.

The material will be challenging (for the older age-group, about the level of difficulty one might expect in the first year at university), but the atmosphere will be relaxed, with plenty of discussion, debate, and opportunities for students to shape the direction of classes.

Working in groups of 12 – 14 students over several days offers participants a real chance to get to know tutors and fellow students and to explore the topics or questions that particularly interest them.

Highlights from our Summer Schools 2019 programme include:

Law Summer School

The Law Summer School offers an exciting and challenging introduction to the legal profession, and is aimed at students who wish to take their first steps towards a legal career or Law degree. With options top specialise in particular areas of interest, this course includes mini-lectures on key areas of the law, seminar discussions on tricky and controversial legal questions, lively group negotiations and activities, and concludes with a full mock trial in which students take the role of barristers for the prosecution or defence.

‘The Summer Law School was an exhilarating and unforgettable five days. It gave me great insight into the theories of law and how they are implemented in real court cases; and also provided me with the opportunity to meet other young people with similar interests to me.’

History Summer School

The History Summer School gives students the opportunity to ask some of the deeper and more philosophical questions about how we relate to and interpret the past. A combination of engaging discussions, formal debates, lectures, group presentations and close individual reading of primary and secondary source material will help students to get a realistic sense of what undergraduate study is really like. This is also a really social course, and students often make friendships which continue on into university.

‘I enjoyed every minute of this Summer School and would recommend it to anyone who has a passion for history! I was able to learn about parts of history which I had never encountered before. The variety of topics and the fantastic tutors definitely made the course worthwhile.’

Mathematics Summer School 

The Maths Summer School is an opportunity for very mathematically able students to indulge their passion for problem-solving and stretch their understanding of a range of topics in pure and applied maths. This Summer School is particularly appropriate for students who may be considering further study of mathematics at undergraduate level, or who are interested in related disciplines such as physics, computing or engineering.

The Maths Summer School is great fun! Everyone is so friendly and I learned so much. It is a great opportunity to expand your mathematical knowledge beyond the school syllabus. I would definitely recommend it!’

In addition to these highlighted courses, we also offer courses in English Literature, Philosophy, Economics, International Relations, Politics, Physics, Dentistry and Medicine.


Debate Chamber is committed to ensuring that financial circumstances do not prevent any student from attending our events. Students can apply for bursaries covering up to 95% of the course fee through our website.

How can my students attend?

All the Summer School events will be held at University of London venues in Bloomsbury, Central London, and will take place in July and August 2019. Please note that these courses are not residential, and accommodation must be arranged independently if required.

You can find full details of schedules, dates, costs, student reviews and tutors at

To book a place please visit, call us on 0845 519 4827, or email Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.