What is the one thing more than anything else that makes children sit up and take notice in an Assembly?

The great disadvantage of the daily school assembly is that it is… daily.   Which means it can easily become familiar, which in turn means that attention is reduced.

Which in turn means that the moment that one does something completely different in an Assembly, one has complete attention.

And this quite simply is why my colleagues and I started to create the Assembly Box – to find the most interesting and thought-provoking assemblies for primary school children.

Assemblies that would not just gain immediate attention and be remembered but would also meet the social and emotional needs of the children who attended them.

We decided to place at the centre of these assemblies, stories that would encourage a whole school focus on the values we wished to present.

In fact, what we produced, and what we have been developing ever since, is a set of over 350 assemblies which are instantly available, and fully scripted, with new assemblies being added every month.

These assemblies are divided into 12 categories along with an index which allows you to choose your assembly by topics as diverse as community, citizenship, saints’ days, black history, social and emotional stories, and so on with each assembly having its own supporting presentation material and a set of ready-to-use key word cards.

You can read a full example of one of our assemblies by following this link

Additionally you can see the complete list of the 12 main categories and from there you can go into each category and see the details of all the assemblies on offer.

All the details are available at http://www.assemblybox.co.uk where you can also order online.  The complete set of all of our assemblies costs £149 (+ VAT). If you have any questions please email enquiries@assemblybox.co.uk