Get more SEN funding

I’m sure you understand only too well how challenging it can be for your staff to juggle their time between administrative tasks and supporting SEN pupils, particularly with the increasing demands for SENCOs and other members of staff to manage inclusion in an effective and strategic way.

In response to these demands, our own team of experienced SENCOs developed Provision Map; the time-saving management information software helping SENCOs and other school staff to stay organised and track provisions and interventions. And I’d like to show you how it can do the same for you through an online demo.

The following points show how our powerful PM software will provide staff at Oathill School with:

  • Flexible Learning plans that are in line with the SEND Code of Practice and follow the Assess-Plan-Do-Review approach
  • Easy Provision Mapping, making it fast and easy to map out interventions and to keep track of who’s involved in each one
  • Instant Reports available at the click of a button, saving hours of time to spend with pupils
  • Pupil Passports, otherwise known as single page pupil profiles, for easy individual plan access
  • The opportunity to secure an average of £21,850 extra funding to support your SEN pupils

I’m really excited to show you how Provision Map will make a difference to the work you do with your SEN pupils, I am offering you until September for free when purchasing a licence this summer. If you would like to know more then, just request an online demo here.

Or just reply to this email and we can take things from there.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes,

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