From dealing with youth depression to issues of confidentiality in issues of abuse, from gender stereotypes to domestic violence.

Continuing Professional Development DVDs and DVDs for showing to students, on some of the most difficult subjects that can arise.

Many of the programmes below can be rented for less than £4.00.  Please look on the relevant page on our website

Part one: DVDs for CPD

A Confidential Space: Issues of confidentiality relating to counselling children and young people.

DVD  84 Minutes   £40.00 plus postage

An interview with Peter Jenkins, on the issues relating to confidentiality in therapeutic work with children and young people.

Themes covered include: Ethical issues in working with children and young people, Good practice for counselling in schools, Information-sharing and child protection, Disclosures of abuse and pre-trial therapy, Data protection and access to records of therapy by the courts, police and solicitors, Access to records of therapy by parents and children and Therapy as a confidential space.

Beyond the Blues: Child and Youth Depression.  Depression in children and young people, case histories and treatment.

DVD  57 Minutes   £36.30 plus postage

Depression has increased by one-third in the past 30 years. Untreated depression costs a teenager in many ways: lost educational opportunities, lost social opportunities and lost time. Through the personal stories of three young people, this compelling documentary traces the journey of depression, from early signs and symptoms, to assessment, diagnosis and treatment. Bipolar disorder is also covered.

Bullying – The Children Speak:  Bullies and victims speak.

DVD  31 Minutes   £25.00 plus postage

Pupils and students drawn from a cross-section of schools, private and state, middle- and working-class, bullies and their victims talk about what happens, why it happens and what they think about it. Essential viewing for parents, teachers, governors, child care professionals and indeed pupils and students themselves.


Part 2: For showing to Students:   (As above, many of the programmes below can be rented for less than £4.00.  Please call for details.)

Tell It Like It Is 

DVD  12 Minutes   £27.20 plus postage

Animated film about people at school and the results of gender stereotyping and bullying.

A short animated film by Leeds Animation Workshop which illustrates problems faced by young people at school as a result of gender stereotyping and bullying. Classmates Darren and Sharon are each keeping a video diary.

The results show them the different worlds girls and boys live in, and the different anxieties they experience. Although light in tone, the film raises awareness of male violence – verbal, psychological and physical – in school and in society.

It aims to help young people understand and when necessary withstand social pressure, and stresses their ability to support each other, to help those who are being bullied and to challenge oppressive and abusive behaviour. Especially suitable for 11 – 15 year olds. Booklet also supplied

You and Alcohol – Just Good Friends?

DVD  10 Minutes   £18.80 plus postage

Offers a down-to-earth account of our favourite and dangerous drug: how it works on the body and brain, how it changes our behaviour, why its effects differ for men and women and what constitutes sensible drinking. Aimed at 13 year olds and over, it includes lively contributions by university students.

Made in 1990 this film reflects the cultural attitudes and language of the time it was made. The issues raised are timeless.

Home Truths (LAW)

DVD  12 Minutes  £27.20 plus postage

Animated film of young people talking about domestic violence, for 8-13 year olds

A short animated film in which five young people tell of their experiences of domestic violence. Emma and her mother escape from a violent father by moving to a refuge. Jamie sees the effect on his mother of his father’s violence. For Sidra, the violence of her father is psychological and controlling. Sophie, her sister and mother are all targets of her stepfather’s aggression.

Daniel supports his friend Tom, whose mother is being hit by her boyfriend. The young people respond positively to their situation, and take some action, asserting their right to live in a safe environment. The programme tackles some of the myths: that it’s the woman’s or child’s fault, that the men involved can’t help it etc. Particularly designed for use with 8-13 year olds in a group setting, where it will encourage discussion. Includes booklet with background information.  

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